What Can Your Consulate Do for You?

Written by Tropicasa Realty
April 16th, 2018

A benefit of buying a second home in Puerto Vallarta or Rivera Nayarit is that our region offers both a Canadian and an American consulate. While most people know that their consulate is their countries’ official representative, many people aren’t fully aware of the services that their consulate can and cannot provide. In case of routine paperwork, or in case of an emergency, being aware of what your consulate can do for you is important.

Both consulates can provide the following services to Canadians and Americans living in Mexico:

  • Passport services
  • Contact your family, friends, or employers back home
  • Help locate lost or missing travelers
  • Provide information on local English-speaking doctors and local medical facilities
  • In case of a death, aid in contacting emergency contacts and returning the remains to Canada or the USA.
  • Provide emergency assistance if you’re the victim of a crime or visit you in jail if you are under arrest and provide information regarding your rights under the local law and local procedure.
  • Provide information on local English-speaking lawyers
  • Notarize documents and supply governmental forms

In addition to these services, each consulate has other services they can provide, as well as limitations to their powers. To inform yourself fully about the authority of your consulate in Puerto Vallarta, follow the links below:

Canadians: https://bit.ly/2gTLuYP

Americans: https://bit.ly/2oKR8kl

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