Why Eco-Friendly Homes Matter

Why Eco-Friendly Homes Matter

Trying to be more environmentally aware is likely something that we all think of, whether it’s actively recycling, not using straws in our drinks, or trying to create less paper waste. It’s the small choices everyday that add up overtime to make a true impact, especially when communities join together to make those improvements, like beach clean up efforts in Puerto Vallarta which have helped gain our beaches more Blue Flag Certifications for cleanliness than any other resort destination in Mexico. 

When it comes to our homes, having eco-friendly practices is equally important, and either purchasing new construction homes in Puerto Vallarta that have adopted more environmentally conscious elements or by making those changes in existing homes, we can not only have a positive impact on the planet, but on ourselves. Here are just a few ways eco-friendlier homes can benefit you. 

  1. Locally sourced materials not only have less distance to travel, meaning there is less expense spent on shipping costs, but they are often more suited to the local climate. For example, Parota wood is locally sourced, affordably priced, very durable in our jungle and beach climate, and offers additional resistance against pests like termites. As an extra bonus, it is an easy-care wood and beautiful in any home. 
  1. Energy efficient appliances and solar additions save you money every month. Invertor air-conditioners and energy efficient bulbs will help lower your monthly energy expenses. Water-saving showerheads and toilets will save you on your water bill and function almost identically to their more wasteful counterparts. And condo buildings that use solar energy to power common areas can serve to lessen your monthly Homeowners Association fees. 
  1. Having a greener home adds lasting value to your property. Today’s buyer, particularly those that are first time homeowners, are attracted to eco-friendly homes, in Puerto Vallarta and elsewhere, because they not only save money on monthly utility bills, but they also are inline with the core personal values of living more consciously and responsibly. 

We currently represent several eco-friendly residential developments in Puerto Vallarta, like N?mada in the Romantic Zone, as well as Urban II and many homes that have added earth-friendly additions like solar panels. Contact us to learn more about living greener in Puerto Vallarta. 

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