Movie Night in Style

Movie Night in Style

Warm summer days can have everyone longing for some air-conditioned fun, and one of our favorite summer activities in Puerto Vallarta is catching a movie at the V.I.P Cinepolis movie theater. Located in the La Isla Shopping Plaza in the center of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone, Cinepolis is the ideal, one-stop, beat-the-heat, night out.

Playing new release American, Mexican and foreign films (in English, in Spanish, dubbed or with subtitles), this theater offers a very comfortable, full night out at the movies. Seats are arranged in a two-by-two configuration, with large leather seats that fully recline with footrests. Each seat comes with its own tray table and side table, complete with lamp. You will find a full menu at your seat with the traditional popcorn and sodas, but also full dinner options including sushi, sandwiches, crepes, desserts and more. Feel like a cocktail to enjoy with the film? Cinepolis has a bar and lounge area to enjoy before or after the film and a full menu of adult beverages to enjoy during the movie, as well. Simply press the handy call button in the side of your lounge chair, and a server will come to take your order and deliver your food and drinks right to your seat. Feeling a bit of a chill? They will also bring you a blanket.

Adding to the convenience, you can purchase your tickets online to either print or present on your cell phone, as you arrive. During the purchase process, you can also choose your seats in advance, making sure you have the perfect view. The ticket price for this V.I.P theater experience? Just $119 pesos per person, with food and beverages charged as consumed.

If you own a home in Puerto Vallarta or are visiting our city and looking for a fun, inexpensive and cool night out, you can find showtimes and online tickets for Cinepolis V.I.P, click here:

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