Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to Puerto Vallarta


We understand how easily it happens. You come to Puerto Vallarta on vacation and the magic of our destination hits you and you think, “I want to live here.” Not only do we understand, but that is exactly how many of our foreign-born team members came to call Vallarta home. But our commitment to our clients goes beyond simply buying and selling real estate in Puerto Vallarta. We believe in building community and helping people find the right neighborhood and lifestyle to really fit their needs. So that said, before you decide to move to Puerto Vallarta, there are a few questions you need to consider.

  1. Can you support yourself either through a fixed income or through opening a business or getting a job in Puerto Vallarta?
  2. Do you fit the requirements for a legal residency visa or work visa to facilitate living and/or working here? Click here to find out.
  3. Are you willing and excited to learn a new language and culture? Though English is widely spoken, living in Puerto Vallarta is easier and more rewarding if you make the effort to learn at least a basic level of Spanish.
  4. What will you do with your belongings at home? Will you sell your current property or look for a long-term tenant? Will you put your belongings in storage, sell them or bring them when you move to Puerto Vallarta?
  5. What will do you for health insurance? Will your current coverage provide for you if you are living in Mexico? Many private hospitals in Puerto Vallarta will accept plans like Blue Cross and Blue Shield. There are also companies in Puerto Vallarta that specialize in health care plans for foreigners living in Mexico.
  6. And finally, where will you live? Our professional Puerto Vallarta real estate agents are local area experts and will work with you to find the ideal property in the right neighborhood for your lifestyle goals.

If you are ready to make the jump from dreaming about living in Puerto Vallarta to living that dream, contact us today to start your building your new life in Mexico.

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