The New Year’s Eve Traditions of Mexico

Written by Tropicasa Realty
December 29th, 2021

Even though at Tropicasa Realty, we said hello to more new homeowners and neighbors than we could have possibly imagined, we’re as ready to say goodbye to 2021 as everybody else. While Puerto Vallarta has been able to open up to welcome visitors once again and vaccination programs have been successfully rolled out, many of us are choosing to have smaller New Year’s Eve celebrations at home this year. But, as they say, good things come in small packages – the deed for a new home in Puerto Vallarta, for example, just needs an envelope! – and just because you’re having fewer people doesn’t mean less fun. Particularly when you are celebrating the New Year in Puerto Vallarta and can add in some Mexican traditions to make your celebrations sparkle!

Get out the grapes!
At midnight, each person at the table gets a plate of 12 grapes. Each grape that is sweet represents a month of prosperity and happiness. Each grape that is sour…. well…. let’s focus on the sweet ones!

Grab your suitcases!
…. but don’t go anywhere. Staying close to home is recommended but take an empty suitcase for a stroll around your home or building to usher in a year of travel and adventure, something that we’re all looking forward to.

Wash 2021 right outta your lair!
Sweep the floors at midnight or mop them and toss the water out (look out for passersby, of course!) and get your home fresh and ready to let in some positive 2022 vibes.

Consider your underpinnings!
The color of your lingerie could make all the difference! Wear red for love, yellow for prosperity, green for luck, or white for peace and harmony. All good options.

While 2021 has been another challenging year around the world living through the twists, turns, and changes of the 2020s thus far, we’re focusing on the positive for 2022, and we wish you health, happiness and success in the New Year from Tropicasa Realty.

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