Registering for Puerto Vallarta Private Schools

Written by Tropicasa Realty
January 20th, 2023

What once was mainly a place for real estate investments and retired people interested in purchasing a second home, has now become extremely popular for younger people looking to make a permanent move. There’s been a major shift in the way people work and with digital offices becoming more common, many people have been given the opportunity to earn money from anywhere they want. And many families are finding that Puerto Vallarta is the perfect choice for raising their children in a safe, bilingual environment with a modern healthcare system, affordable cost of living, and outstanding schools.

It’s easy to start your child in school at any time during the year, given that there is space, however you’ll ensure a spot and get a discounted price on annual registration if you sign up by February or March. So it’s proactive to research and find out which school is the best fit for your family.

Many of the private schools in Puerto Vallarta offer education from preschool through high school. Schools are open for meetings and tours so that you can walk around campus and really get a good feel for the environment and teaching styles.

Some of the private schools have vast green spaces for children to play and all are equipped with nice playgrounds to enjoy. There are extra language learning opportunities like French and Chinese, and there’s even schools that model a Montessori style. Top quality schools to suit every child’s needs is why Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for families interested in making the move to Mexico.

Highly rated Puerto Vallarta private schools that are fully bilingual include:

Excellent private schools are just another reason for the appeal of moving your family to Puerto Vallarta. Contact us for information on homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta family-friendly neighborhoods. 

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