Meet the Team: Jorge Guillen

Written by Tropicasa Realty
October 25th, 2023

Jorge Guillén was born in Zapopan, Jalisco, but almost 25 years ago, at the age of 18, he moved to Puerto Vallarta, and was immediately impressed with the blend of ocean and mountains.  

He started his career in a Guadalajara hotel, and on a normal workday, he was presented with the opportunity to transfer to a beachfront hotel in Puerto Vallarta. Without hesitation, he packed his bags and embarked on the journey that would change his life. 

Tropicasa Realty has been more than just a workplace for Jorge; it has also been where he has grown professionally and met many people who have left a mark on his life. Since joining Wayne Franklin’s team, he has assisted in countless projects and witnessed the growth of this outstanding real estate company, of which he is now a partner. 

Jorge Guillén is bilingual and possesses a strong command of the English language, which he has professionally perfected in areas related to his work. He has also successfully delved into learning French.  

Puerto Vallarta is a very welcoming city, open to different nationalities, ideologies, cultural activities, and the outdoors, and it has a prosperous economy considering its size. These aspects are what make the city special for Jorge. He particularly enjoys the downtown area and the Romantic Zone due to the abundance of amenities they offer. 

Jorge enjoys the fact that each workday is different and takes pleasure in helping clients find what they desire, thereby contributing to making their dreams come true. 

“All the stories are different, with different nationalities, and that's what makes my job exciting. I never get bored; there's always something new to discover. Each client has different needs, desires, and dreams, and helping them find those is what I enjoy the most and makes me feel good." 

He also finds satisfaction in finding properties for clients with economic interests, in a more transactional and objective realm, such as investments. This demanding market has driven his professional growth, enabling him to meet any need of his clients. 

For Jorge, Puerto Vallarta is a city that attracts buyers due to the demand for vacation destinations. This provides an opportunity to own a property that is not only a home but also a profitable investment that generates income when not in use.