Getting a Sales Tax Rebate

Written by Tropicasa Realty
November 14th, 2018

If you have travelled through the Puerto Vallarta airport, no doubt you have seen kiosks advertising tax rebates on IVA (sales tax) for foreigner visitors. But what is this program and who applies? We have some answers about applying for sales tax rebates in Mexico.

To be eligible you must:

* Be visiting Mexico on a valid tourist visa and be leaving the country by air or by sea.

* Shop at stores which advertise that they participate in the MONEYBACK program.

* Spend at least 1200 pesos using a credit card in a participating store to apply for a rebate and ask the business to provide you with a VAT receipt at time of purchase.

It that applies to you and your purchases, visit a MONEYBACK kiosk in the airport or Puerto Vallarta cruise ship terminal with you VAT receipts and credit card receipts, tourist visa and passports to apply for the rebate, as well as the goods which you have purchased. Items that are being shipped out of Mexico, rather than transported with you, are not eligible for tax rebates.

If all the factors for eligibility are met, you will receive an 8.9% rebate on your purchases which will appear as a refund on your credit card in approximately 45 days. If you have a vacation home in Puerto Vallarta and come for short visits, sales tax rebates may save you a little money on your shopping when visiting your property in Mexico.

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