Gernika Pintxos: A Taste of Spain in Puerto Vallarta

Written by Tropicasa Realty
October 25th, 2018

The authentic flavors of Spain have come to the Romanic Zone with Gernika Pintxos restaurant, a chic new space focusing on delicious Spanish tapas and wines in Puerto Vallarta. “Pintxos” (also known as “pinchos”) are a snack served in bars and small restaurants in Northern Spain, usually served on a skewer or toothpick to enjoy with a glass of wine of a cocktail, and Gernika Pintxos brings this culinary style flawlessly to Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors.

The menu features an ever-changing array of specials to highlight the freshest, local ingredients and the daily creativity of the chef, but some menu highlights include:

Gernika Pintxo: a toasted baguette slice with aioli, Spanish Chorizo, roasted Gernika pepper and a fried calamari blossom.

Tigre: breaded and fried mussels, topped with onion and béchamel, and served in the shell.

Croquetas: breaded and fried rolls, crisp on the outside, with a creamy filling of ham, crabmeat, leek and manchego cheese or date and blue cheese.

Queso Tostado: a crustless, thin pizza served vegetarian (onions, tomato, mushroom and parsley), with anchovies, or shrimp and cilantro.

And be sure to sample the incredible wine list created with consultation from Uncork Mexico, the hand-crafted cocktails or a cold beer, including Vallarta’s own Agave Maria from Los Muertos Brewing Company, with your pintxos.

Gernika Pintxos Spanish restaurant in Puerto Vallarta has a lovely air-conditioned interior or patio seating overlooking the famous Los Muerto Pier. Find them at Calle Francisca Rodriguez 137-A in Olas Altas for Tuesday through Sunday for dinner, and for additional lunch service during high season.

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