Summer Ready: Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Your Puerto Vallarta Property

Written by Tropicasa Realty
May 20th, 2024

As summer approaches, ensuring your Puerto Vallarta property is ready for the warm weather season is essential. From climate control to insect prevention, we have maintenance tips to help you enjoy your Puerto Vallarta home or condo to the fullest. Whether you're a seasoned owner or new to Puerto Vallarta living, these simple suggestions will keep your property prepared for the summer months ahead.

Conquering Climate Control

Maintaining a comfortable climate inside your Puerto Vallarta home or condo is crucial for comfort, especially during the hot summer months. Start by checking your air conditioning units to ensure they're functioning efficiently. If not, now is the time to contact your a/c repair professional, as they will get very busy over the next months.

Be sure you are cleaning or replacing filters regularly to ensure optimal airflow and a general maintenance check is always a good idea. Ceiling fans can increase air circulation and provide a cost-effective alternative to constant air conditioning.

Also, you won’t regret investing in quality window coverings to block out the midday sun, which can significantly raise indoor temperatures. Good window treatments will not only keep your home cooler but can also reduce your CFE bills (electrical) by minimizing the need for running the air conditioning as often.

Insect Proofing Essentials

Dealing with insects is a common concern for any Puerto Vallarta property owner. To tell pests to buzz off, start with preventative measures such as sealing cracks and openings around windows and doors, and, of course, make sure your window screens are without tears or holes.

Regularly inspect areas like vents, drains, and outdoor lighting fixtures where little critters may want to settle in. You can also consider natural deterrents like citronella plants or essential oils, which can be effective and less intrusive than chemical solutions. Also, watch out for food crumbs or leaving food out, which are a yummy invitation to house guests you probably don’t want.

Summer Maintenance Check List

As summer approaches, ensure your roof is clean and in good repair to handle summer downpours, and check the seals on doors and windows.

If you have a pool, this is a good time to do a deep clean and inspection for any damage, as it will likely be in frequent use. Pay attention to the filtration system and chemical levels to keep the water sparkling clean.

By ticking these easy maintenance tasks off your to-do list, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a Puerto Vallarta home or condo.

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Description: Whether you're a seasoned owner or new to Puerto Vallarta living, these simple suggestions will keep your property prepared for the summer months ahead.