Selling Your Home: To Stage or Not to Stage

Written by Tropicasa Realty
September 11th, 2019

It is an often-asked question when sellers are listing a home in Puerto Vallarta or elsewhere – is it better to sell a home with the furniture included or not? As anyone who has ever watched a “house-flipping reality show” on television can tell you, professional staging can really make the difference in the appeal and the value of a property. And for many buying a home, the turn-key convenience of a fully furnished condo or house is a key motivator to buy.

But, that said, there is a difference between a “staged” home and a “furnished” home – and that distinction is generally determined by two factors: first, the age and condition of the furniture and second, the breadth of appeal of the furnishings to potential buyers.

A home that is staged is done with the intention to help buyers envision their lifestyle in the home, to make rooms look larger and more appealing, and to sometimes help hide flaws in the property. A basic rule of thumb for a staged home is “less is more”, allowing potential buyers to be inspired by the furnishings but not overwhelmed and able to picture what they would do with the home to make it their own.

At times, depending on the type and condition of furnishings, a furnished home can detract from its value. Of course, if the furniture is in poor condition or soiled, it will be off-putting to buyers and make your Puerto Vallarta home look like it has not been well-kept. Or, the furniture can be expensive and in excellent condition but so design-specific, that potential buyers have a difficult time seeing past it, focusing on your furnishings and not the actual home, not allowing them to see themselves living within its walls.

In short, yes, if you are selling a home in Puerto Vallarta, keeping functional, simple and tasteful furniture usually will add value to your home and decrease its time on the market.  But, with 20 years of experience as a leading Puerto Vallarta real estate agency, we know there are times when your Realtor made need to have a frank and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about furniture, but open communication is the first step in successfully selling a property in Puerto Vallarta or elsewhere.

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