Presale Advantages

Written by Tropicasa Realty
June 17th, 2024

How The Presale Advantage Can Benefit You

On the Puerto Vallarta real estate market, buyers will most commonly find three types of residential properties for sale: presale homes, new construction homes, and resale homes. A new construction home is a recently built and completed property that has not yet been purchased or lived in, a resale home is a property that has been owned by one or several previous owners, and a presale property is a home that is purchased prior to or during the construction phase.

Each of these options have advantages depending on your personal needs and preferences, but today, we’re going to focus on some of the advantages of purchasing a presale home in Puerto Vallarta that can make these types of properties a good consideration.

1.     Best prices offered by the developer
Generally, a presale condo in Puerto Vallarta will have lowest prices ever offered by the developer, with prices increasing over time as the development moves to completion of sales and construction.

2.     Ability to build equity during construction
The construction period allows an opportunity for your new home to build equity while it is being built, making it a smart potential hedge for investment buyers looking to relist their property on the resale market.

3.     Secure a location and unit that’s right for you
Purchasing a presale property in Puerto Vallarta means that you can select the location and the unit type that is right for you, as a new development will generally offer a selection of different floor plans located on different levels of the building. Purchasing early ensures you can select the home of your preference. 

4.     Buy time
On the resale or new construction market, closing times can move quickly, putting additional stress into your move. Purchasing a presale home allows you ample time to complete a rental agreement or sell your current space, plan your move, and find furnishings.

Presale, resale, and new construction homes in Puerto Vallarta can all be an excellent option and the type of home you select should be based on your unique needs and preferences. Your professional Tropicasa real estate agent can provide additional information on all types of properties to help you decide what is best for you, as well as ensure that your interests are protected throughout each phase of your real estate journey.

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