Pay Now and Save on Your PV Property Taxes

Written by Tropicasa Realty
January 9th, 2024

Now that 2024 is here, it’s time to get organized and pay your Puerto Vallarta property taxes to benefit from savings. Most buyers from the USA and Canada are happy to discover that property taxes in Puerto Vallarta are relatively inexpensive. It’s just one of the many reasons buying a vacation property in Mexico is so attractive.

Property taxes are called “predial” in Spanish and to offer a basic approximation, the annual property taxes on a $300,000 USD property would be approximately $500 USD, depending on the neighborhood and type of construction. However, if you pay your Puerto Vallarta property taxes prior to the end of January 2024, you will automatically qualify for a 15% early payment discount. In February, you will save 10%, and payments made in March will save 5%.

For older people, there can be additional savings. You may qualify for a 50% discount if you are 60-75 years old, a 60% discount if you are 75-79 years old, and 80% if you are over 80. Passports are acceptable to prove age.

For many people, paying your property taxes online, is an easy option. You will find all the information that you need listed on the tax bill from the previous year, which would have been included in the packet of documents you received at closing from the notary, if you are a new homeowner.

If you prefer to pay in person, you can visit:

·        City Hall, Independencia 123 in downtown Puerto Vallarta

·        UNIRSE, Grandes Lagos 236 in Fluvial

·        City Hall, Mezquital 604 in Los Portales

Remember to bring along your copy of the previous years’ taxes and keep in mind that you cannot pay Puerto Vallarta property taxes using foreign currency or with a check.

Check back with us next week when we’ll provide an easy how-to on paying your annual license plate fee for your vehicle.

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