Meet the Team: David Hoffman

Written by Tropicasa Realty
August 9th, 2023

As part of our 25th anniversary, we’re celebrating the incredible team that is Tropicasa Realty. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to some of the amazing people that are not only dedicated to ensuring our clients have exceptional real estate experiences, but are the heart, soul, and success of Tropicasa Reality. 

David Hoffman: Real Estate Agent  

David is a native Midwesterner from Michigan, who also lived in Los Angeles for 15 years.  David tends to love sports teams which occasionally (or, honestly, almost never) have great seasons. He loves to travel, having visited many countries, and enjoys visiting ruins, historical sites, and interesting architecture, sharing photos along the way. He is a vegetarian though he prefers pastries to vegetables. He likes to read but admits to watching reality TV. Simply put, David is a very multi-faceted person.  

David has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and spent about 15 years as a management consultant, focusing on business systems and supply chain processes.  He left consulting to serve as VP, Operations for a video game company for several years, then served as president of a toy and gaming company in Seattle. 

David first visited Puerto Vallarta with a friend back in 2003. He immediately fell in love with the city and its wonderfully friendly people. After the company David worked for in Seattle was purchased by Paramount Pictures, he moved to Puerto Vallarta to relax, enjoy life, and determine his next steps.  David traveled around Mexico, spent 7 months in Oaxaca studying Spanish, and decided that he didn’t really want to return to corporate America and made the choice to settle down in Puerto Vallarta.   

David has worked for Tropicasa as a real estate agent since 2013 and enjoys helping his clients with the assistance of his great team (Nena and Felipe). He likes to share photos of new listings and showings on Facebook and has also filmed several episodes of Mexico Life on the HGTV network. 

On behalf of the entire Tropicasa Team, thank you, David, for everything you do.  

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