Holiday Bonuses in Puerto Vallarta Explained

Written by Tropicasa Realty
December 12th, 2023

One of the wonderful extras afforded by the lower cost of living in Puerto Vallarta, is the ability for many residents to have household help, which not only makes living in Vallarta easier but also supports the local economy.  From gardeners to housekeepers, nannies, or even a regular handyman on call, it is not uncommon to have helpful people in your Puerto Vallarta home and with the holidays upon us, it is not only a courtesy but often a legal requirement to pay a holiday bonus to show some seasonal appreciation. Here is an easy guide to holiday tipping.  

Housekeepers: Regular domestic employees that come on a regular schedule are entitled to an “aguinaldo” (holiday bonus) under Mexican Federal Law. The aguinaldo payment must be the equivalent of two weeks salary. For example, if your housekeeper visits twice weekly, he/she is entitled to 4 days of daily salary as a bonus in addition to regular pay. Additionally, December 25th and January 1st are Federal holidays, so a day off with pay is an appropriate course of action. On December 24th and 31st, work hours will generally end at 2pm to allow employees to celebrate with their loved ones. 

Gardeners: If you have a weekly gardener, the same rules will apply as above. If you have a gardener that comes on a casual schedule – for example, when called for a couple of hours work to attend to trimming bushes or other “as needed” tasks – then a tip of half to a full average visit’s pay is generally very much appreciated. 

Nanny: If you have a childcare provider working in your home, either full time or part time on a regular schedule, they are also due a two week aguinaldo, to receive December 25th and January 1st as paid days off, and not be expected to work past 2pm on the 24th and 31st of December.  

Handyman: If you have a handyman on call that comes to help around the house as needed when things need fixing, a tip starting around 300 pesos and increasing depending on how frequently he visits your house in Puerto Vallarta would be appreciated.  

Officially, aguinaldo bonuses must be paid by December 20th, to allow for people to utilize them as part of their holiday plans. For causal  

Christmas bonuses should be paid by December 20th so make every effort to do so, but for more casual workers, a bonus paid between now and January 1 would be very much appreciated. 

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