Celebrating by Giving Back in Puerto Vallarta

Written by Tropicasa Realty
July 26th, 2023

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, Tropicasa Realty offered to contribute to local area non-profit organizations on behalf of our agents, as a thank you to them and to our community. We are happy to share some of the charities that have been supported to date. 

Alfredo Herrera Mesino  

Charity of Choice: The Foundation for People with Down Syndrome 

Since 1998, the Fundación para Personas con Síndrome de Down A.C. has been working to provide support, education, and services for people with Down Syndrome and for parents of children with Down Syndrome, helping to foster social integration and acceptance.  


Roger Dubois  

Charity of Choice: SPCA Vallarta 

With a beloved rescue dog of his own, Roger chose to support the local SPCA, which began operation in 2007. Now, this important charity helps rescue and find homes for over 200 animals every year. 


Eduardo Venegas Solis  

Charity of Choice: Biblioteca Los Mangos 

More than just a library offering adults and children’s books in Spanish, English, French and more, Biblioteca Los Mangos is dedicated to enhancing and encouraging culture, education, and community development in Puerto Vallarta. 


Pedro Rodriguez Zepeda  

Charity of Choice: Ladra Puerto Vallarta 

LADRA, the Las Animas Dog Rescue Association, was formed in 2012 to help rescue and shelter dogs throughout the Puerto Vallarta area, through the aid of volunteers, associated charitable organizations, and community donations.  


Marco Antonio Mata  

Charity of Choice: Amigos de La Cruz AC 

The Amigos de La Cruz Kid’s Club School and Community Center is offers invaluable educational resources to children and adults who have struggled to meet educational challenges in a supportive, safe, and caring environment. 


Ian Jeffrey Shepherd  

Charity of Choice: The Vallarta Foodbank 

The Vallarta Foodbank is an important provider of sustenance for hundreds of families throughout the region, through the delivery of weekly food provisions and a soup kitchen which serves hot meals five days a week to those in need. 


We invite you to learn more about these organizations or donate using the links provided above. For us, at Tropicasa Realty, it has been a true pleasure to assist our team in placing these donations, as we have been dedicated to creating community since 1997.  


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