Caring for Your Mexican Orchid

Written by Tropicasa Realty
May 23rd, 2022

Orchids are regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers that add a sophisticated touch to any room, but they also have a reputation as one of the most challenging plants to successfully nurture. However, orchids are native to our state of Jalisco and you will see them often at local nurseries and garden centers, so we have some tips to make having one of these lovely plants in your Puerto Vallarta house or condo easier.

Pot Them Correctlyg
In the wild, orchids grow on the bark of trees, so putting them in regular potting soil is not a condition in which they will thrive. Potted orchids purchased in Puerto Vallarta will generally come in a special moss mix, which you are also able to purchase when you repot your orchid, which you should plan to do every two years.

Get The Right Lighting
The weather in Puerto Vallarta is perfect for orchids to thrive. They love bright light but not direct sunlight, so place them in a spot in your home or condo in Puerto Vallarta which is bright but not in sitting in full day sunshine.

Don’t Overwater
Orchids love bright light but they don’t get that thirsty. Water about once a week, in the daytime, when the moss of your orchid feels completely dry, but before leaves start browning. About 5 tablespoons of water should do, depending on the size of your plant, and be sure to water directly to the moss. Be sure that your pot has drainage so that your orchid is never sitting in water, which will cause the moss to mold.

Don’t Touch Up The Roots
Unlike you may treat your hair, the roots of your orchids should be left alone to grow as they will. They are important for the health of your plant and help it receive energy.

Adjust For The End Of Blooming
Once your orchid has stopped blooming, let the flowers fall off naturally (or with some very gentle pruning) and enjoy your orchids beautiful green leaves until it blooms again. Generally, you can water less frequently during the non-flowering season.

With a little effort, orchids can be a beautiful addition to the interior of your Puerto Vallarta property, to enjoy all year.

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