Coming to Puerto Vallarta is Easier than Ever

On your flight to your vacation home in Puerto Vallarta, you’re likely accustomed to having the cabin crew distribute paper tourist visa cards to complete prior to your arrival at the airport – if they haven’t run out or didn’t have any available on the plane prior to departure, causing your arrival process to take […]

Another Success for Tropicasa Realty and Playa Lifestyle

Tropicasa Realty and developer Playa Lifestyle are pleased to announce that all pre-sale inventory is now sold out at the incredible Las Verandas de Amapas project. During a record-breaking pre-launch event, 75% of all pre-launch inventory went into contract phase during an exciting opening weekend sales offer open only to those registered for the project. […]

Tropicasa Picks: Fiamma Restaurant

With 25 years as local area experts, the Tropicasa Realty experience isn’t just welcoming you to your new home, but also welcoming you to the neighborhood by sharing some of our favorite places. Today, we’d like to recommend Fiamma, a popular favorite with both locals and foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta. Fiamma is found in […]