10 Reasons to Love Marina Vallarta

One of the many reasons Puerto Vallarta is such a popular choice for buying a vacation home in Mexico is because there is truly a neighborhood perfect for every budget, lifestyle and preference. One popular area for buyers looking for a family-friendly neighborhood that supports an active lifestyle is beautiful Marina Vallarta. Here are our […]

A Taste of Thailand in Puerto Vallarta

When one thinks of Mexico, of course, one thinks of Mexican food, but the culinary scene is Puerto Vallarta is incredibly diverse and offers delicious international food from around the globe.  When you’re getting tired of tacos (we’re kidding, nobody is ever tired of tacos!) and feel like spicing it up a little, we suggest […]

La importancia de las casas ecológicas

Es probable que todos pensemos en tratar de ser más conscientes del medio ambiente, ya sea reciclando activamente, sin usar popotes en nuestras bebidas o tratando de generar menos desperdicio de papel. Son las pequeñas decisiones diarias las que se suman a las horas extra para tener un verdadero impacto, especialmente cuando las comunidades se […]

Why Eco-Friendly Homes Matter

Trying to be more environmentally aware is likely something that we all think of, whether it’s actively recycling, not using straws in our drinks, or trying to create less paper waste. It’s the small choices everyday that add up overtime to make a true impact, especially when communities join together to make those improvements, like beach clean […]

Por qué los estadounidenses continúan acudiendo a México para vivir su retiro

México es la opción de Estados Unidos para una vida de retiro en el extranjero, con mas estadounidenses que se retiran a México que a cualquier otro país fuera de los EE. UU. De hecho, según los datos del gobierno recopilados en 2019, los estadounidenses representan el grupo más grande de residentes extranjeros que viven […]

Spring Maintenance Tips for Puerto Vallarta

Spring has sprung again in Puerto Vallarta, with the calendar seeming to whizz by in what has certainly been a year that none of us will soon forget. But what one also must not forget, as we move into April, is that this is the ideal time for Puerto Vallarta homeowners to put in a little effort to maintain […]