Delivering Romance for Valentine’s Day in Puerto Vallarta

These last months, as we have been sequestered at home with our loved ones, sometimes loving them has been a little extra challenging as we spent more time together inside than to which we are accustomed, but that is all the more reason to do something extra special and romantic for Valentine’s Day in Puerto […]

Adding Succulents to Your Vallarta Landscaping

Adding landscaping to your Puerto Vallarta house not only creates visual appeal and enhances your enjoyment of your home, but also adds to its value. For those homeowners that don’t have a green thumb or much experience with tropical landscaping, succulents are a great option.  Succulents are not only beautiful with their variety of shapes and exotic look, but they are also easy to maintain, particularly in our […]

Pague Ahora y Ahorre en el pago del Predial

Es esa época del año nuevamente, cuando le recordamos que ahora es el momento de pagar el predial en su casa o condominio en Puerto Vallarta para ahorrar dinero en lo que ya es una tasa impositiva agradablemente baja. De hecho, los bajos impuestos a la propiedad son una de las muchas razones por las […]