With over 20 years in the real estate market, at Tropicasa Realty we have witnessed the many changes that have shaped our region.

Our brand and team have evolved to create sustainable business practices that will benefit both our customers and the community.

During our evolution, we have taken on the challenge of becoming a more socially responsible company governed by the three main cornerstones of sustainability that include certifications, internal programs to reduce waste, new offices designed to reduce our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, and the use of technology platforms to give our customers a better overall experience that promotes sustainable business practices in Puerto Vallarta.

This new philosophy will lead to changes, some will be gradual, while others will be immediately implemented, all of which will be focused on providing exemplary customer service. With an eye on sustainability in Puerto Vallarta, some of our processes will be streamlined and others will be eliminated entirely but the hallmark of Tropicasa Realty will endure.

Our growth and evolution towards becoming a sustainable real estate agency in Puerto Vallarta, while increasing the value of our services for our clients, is our response to a changing world that includes not only our service offer to consumers, environmental and social needs but also support of the economy and various social programs in our community.