Are You Paying Your Staff Properly?

With May 1st, a federal bank holiday marking Labor Day, right around the corner, it is an appropriate time to post a quick reminder about Mexico employment standards and regulations regarding domestic staff you may have working in and around your home. Employees are entitled to one full day off per week, which usually falls […]

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Vallarta Home

Owning a home in Puerto Vallarta is an incredible investment, for both your lifestyle and real estate portfolio, so it’s important to protect it with regular home maintenance.  With April turning to May, and our rainy season just around the corner, now is the time to start preparing your Puerto Vallarta property for the summer.  […]

From Tequila to Tesla: Mexico’s Silicon Valley Guadalajara Looks to Expand

Lyrics to the 1988 classic Guadalajara  by Vincente “Chente “ Fernandez reflect the romantic charm  of his birthplace, Jalisco’s capital city.   Loosely translated, it reads: “You smell clean , the early rose Bird of fresh river jara Guadalajara, Guadalajara You know the pure , wet earth” Perfectly quaint and uncomplicated – not unlike the […]

The Unsung Heros of Puerto Vallarta

It may seem like a humble job, but during and after the busy Semana Santa holiday period, Puerto Vallarta garbage collectors are the unsung heros of our city, restoring order, beauty and cleanliness to our city. Puerto Vallarta is at full capacity during the Easter holidays, with national and foreign visitors filling the beaches, restaurants, […]

Easter Holidays in Puerto Vallarta

Semana Santa, or the Holy Week, is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year in Puerto Vallarta. Combing both the Easter religious holiday and Spring Break for Mexican students, Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for Mexican nationals to celebrate with a beach vacation and some family time in our beautiful region. […]

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Spring has already arrived and it’s a good time to start thinking ahead about preparing your Puerto Vallarta condo or home for warmer temperatures with our air conditioner maintenance tips. Air conditioners are built to be study and durable, but as with any piece of machinery, like a car for example, they need regular tune-ups […]

Staycation – The Art of Puerto Vallarta Living

Many Puerto Vallarta condos or larger homes and villas in Vallarta Nayarit come with either shared or private pools.  But many single-family homes in Vallarta or smaller condo units do not come with pools, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a pool day as often as you want one.  Here are just […]

How Sustainable Homes Benefit You

Sustainable building and eco-friendly homes are the biggest trend happening on the real estate market today.  While many people like the idea of owning a more eco-conscious home, many buyers don’t understand the full extent to which greener living can benefit them.  Here are a few points to consider about buying green home. Economic Benefits […]