Happy Birthday, Puerto Vallarta!

Even though Puerto Vallarta was founded in 1851, our beautiful city on the ocean celebrates its 99th anniversary as an official municipality this week.  From sleepy beginnings as a fishing village, credited in creation to a businessman named Guadalupe Sanchez who set up a trading post here to supply the silver mines up in the surrounding Sierra Madre mountains, Puerto Vallarta has grown into one of the most exciting and dynamic tourism destinations in the world.

Yet, with all this growth, Puerto Vallarta has maintained its charm and authentic Mexican feel, making real estate in Puerto Vallarta extremely popular with both foreign and domestic real estate investors. For those looking to retire in Mexico or own a vacation home, Puerto Vallarta continues to be a leader on the Mexican real estate market, and we continue to see the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta strengthen year after year.

If you would like to join in Puerto Vallarta’s 99th Anniversary celebrations, here are a few highlights from the schedule of events:

Friday, May 26th

9:00-11:30 pm – Trova featuring Fernando Delgadillo free concert

El Faro del Malecón

Saturday, May 27

8:00 pm – Cuitla Vega free concert
El Faro del Malecón

9:30 pm – Jenny and The Mexicats free concert
El Faro del Malecón

Sunday, May 28

10:00 pm – After the Night Fall free concert
El Faro del Malecón

11:00 pm – Matisse concert
El Faro del Malecón

For full event listings, click here: http://bit.ly/2qOeeH9

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