The New Winter Market for Vacation Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

The demand on the vacation rental market in Puerto Vallarta has been growing for many years with the rise of websites and local property management companies that make owning an investment property in Mexico easier and more profitable than ever. But in 2020, a new type of winter renter has been coming to Puerto Vallarta: the workcation family.

A “workcation” is when a person takes a holiday with the intention to work online or via phone during their normal working hours but enjoys vacationing in their destination during their hours off. Over the past few years, we have seen many single visitors or couples working remotely on workcations in Puerto Vallarta and staying for one or two months, or sometimes even the full winter season. But this year has brought a different type of workcationer, with families searching for long-term winter rentals as parents are working remotely and children are attending school online.

This new type of winter renter is fantastic for many investment property owners, as workcation families seek out larger rental units than studio or one bedroom apartments, and they rent for longer periods than average tourists, meaning a steady stream of income.

And it doesn’t look like the workcation is going anywhere soon as many workplaces have easily adapted to staff working remotely and enjoy the benefits like greater flexibility for team members and lower overhead on office spaces. And though 2020 has been an unusual year for students, in 2019, according to a study by the National Home Education Research Institute, 2.5 million students in the USA (approximately 4%) were doing home-school curriculum. As online schooling has improved and students have adapted, it is likely that the number of students, particularly those with parents working remotely, may continue their education either fully or partially online, to allow for more lifestyle flexibility. And there is extra assistance in Puerto Vallarta for parents on workcation, Puerto Vallarta Babysitting offers bilingual, university-educated nannies for families on workcation so parents can work without interruption while kids have help with online instruction, homework, tutoring and interactive playtime.

Talk to one of our agents today via our Live Chat function to find family-friendly condos and houses in Puerto Vallarta that would be ideal to capitalize on workcation rental income and also to enjoy when you take a vacation of your own.

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