Semana Santa in Puerto Vallarta

Written by Tropicasa Realty
March 27th, 2023

Spring is the busiest time of the year in Puerto Vallarta, not just because of international spring breakers, but during the two weeks of Easter vacation, most referred to as Semana Santa, Mexicans from all over the country flock to our resort city to experience the natural beauty and fun that awaits.

Semana Santa is the week preceding Easter, while Semana Pascua is the week that follows. Both weeks are as busy as the other, bringing culture, events, and a boost to the local economy. Many condo owners decide to rent their homes out during this time to enjoy premium rates, however, if you’re staying in town for the holidays this year, here are some helpful tips.

  • Schools are officially closed March 31st with students returning on April 17th.
  • Banks will be closed Thursday, April 6th, and Friday, April 7th. If you need to use the bank prior to the long weekend, do prepare for lengthier teller lines.
  • Many small businesses use days during Semana Santa, particularly from the 6th to at least the 10th to take well-deserved vacation time, so expect possible closures.
  • Traffic will be congested and parking scarce, so if possible, it’s often easier to opt for other forms of transportation such as buses, taxis, Uber, and good old-fashioned walking.

Even though our wonderful beach town will be as busiest and perhaps as noisy as it will be during the entire year, it’s an exciting time to get in on the action and witness a truly Mexican holiday. With a huge diversity of visitors, there’s ample opportunity for people watching, meeting new friends, and partaking in different festivities around town.

And remember, with so many people on the beaches, there’s bound to be extra trash, so let’s all band together this holiday to make sure we pick up after ourselves and others, for the betterment of our beautiful community.

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