Semana Santa Returns to Puerto Vallarta

With tourism numbers returning to 2019 levels in Puerto Vallarta, the two week Easter vacation, known in Spanish as Semana Santa, will be back and as busy as ever with foreign and national tourists pouring into the city and the Tourism Board already predicting 100% hotel occupancy from April 9th to 23rd.  Vacation homeowners that […]

The Neighborhood You Need to Know About Now

What if we told you that you could get all the Mexican charm you’re looking for, an incredible culinary scene with dozens of restaurants and lounges within walking distance, the beach as close as a 5 minute stroll away, and your choice of new construction condos, single family homes, or hacienda-style villas – and all […]

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioners in Puerto Vallarta

There’s an unusual little “chill” to the evening air in Banderas Bay this week, with evening temperatures dipping down to 15 Celsius/60 Fahrenheit (causing visitors to enjoy the perfect beach weather and stroll around in tank tops, while locals dig for their warmest sweaters to manage the “cold”), and you likely aren’t giving a thought […]

Consejos para que tu casa en la playa no se vea afectada por la humedad

La temporada de invierno cuenta con los niveles de humedad más bajos de todo el año en Puerto Vallarta, con el clima perfecto durante el día en la playa y sus frescas noches. Pero, si nunca antes habías vivido en la playa, hay algunas cosas que necesitas saber acerca de cómo proteger tu hogar durante […]

Regalos que amarás para este día de San Valentín

Ya sea que este Día de San Valentín te quieras consentir o estés pensando en regalar algo especial a algún ser querido, estas son 14 recomendaciones que podrás encontrar en Puerto Vallarta para celebrar este mes de febrero, ¡o para cualquier otro momento! Un masaje con piedras calientes de Artepil Spa Degustación de chocolate y […]

Local Gifts to Love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re treating yourself or treating a loved one this Valentine’s Day, there are fabulous local gifts in Puerto Vallarta that anyone would love receiving. Here are 14 of our favorites for February – or anytime! A hot stone massage at Artepil Spa A Chocolate and Wine Tasting at Cacao Magico A date night with […]

Humidity Tips for Your Tropical Home

The winter season has the lowest humidity of the year in the Puerto Vallarta area, with perfect beach day temperatures and cool evenings. However, if you’ve not previously lived in seaside tropical climate, there may be some things that you need to know about maintaining your home in a humid climate surrounded by salt water. […]

Pay Now to Save on Your Property Taxes

It’s time to get a jump on your 2022 accounting and pay your Puerto Vallarta property taxes to save! Most foreign buyers, particularly from the USA and Canada, are excited to discover that property taxes in Puerto Vallarta are very inexpensive comparatively, in fact it is one of the reasons that owning a vacation property […]