Why Eco-Friendly Homes Matter

Trying to be more environmentally aware is likely something that we all think of, whether it’s actively recycling, not using straws in our drinks, or trying to create less paper waste. It’s the small choices everyday that add up overtime to make a true impact, especially when communities join together to make those improvements, like beach clean […]

Spring Maintenance Tips for Puerto Vallarta

Spring has sprung again in Puerto Vallarta, with the calendar seeming to whizz by in what has certainly been a year that none of us will soon forget. But what one also must not forget, as we move into April, is that this is the ideal time for Puerto Vallarta homeowners to put in a little effort to maintain […]

Soaring Canadian Markets Mean Best of Both Worlds for Retirement Living

Results from the 16th annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, which analyzed 309 different housing markets in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and China, were recently released. Included in those 309 markets, 92 major metropolitan cities and three mega-cities of more that 10 million residents (London, Los Angeles, and New […]

Pague Ahora y Ahorre en el pago del Predial

Es esa época del año nuevamente, cuando le recordamos que ahora es el momento de pagar el predial en su casa o condominio en Puerto Vallarta para ahorrar dinero en lo que ya es una tasa impositiva agradablemente baja. De hecho, los bajos impuestos a la propiedad son una de las muchas razones por las […]

Nŏmada Brings More to Your Life

Nŏmada is a boutique habitat of 28 homes, created as part of an exclusive collaboration between Andres Escobar Arquitectos and MEXA Design, and brought to market by Tropicasa Realty. Located in the heart of the famed Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone at Púlpito 183, Nŏmada boasts an exclusive address which offers both stunning views and easy access to the best of the city. This 6-story, eco-friendly […]

Virtually Furnishing Your Vallarta Home 

  Over the last months, many of us have become quite expert in online shopping: purchasing wine, ordering food and restaurant meal delivery, mastering Amazon, and even putting offers on properties with our Tropicasa agents! But if you have recently purchased a new home or want to make some updates to your current home in the region, you can put those online skills […]

¿Puedes enlistar tu casa en el mercado actual?   

Como muchas cosas en la situación actual, a medida que trabajamos juntos para garantizar la salud y el bienestar de Puerto Vallarta y nuestro mundo, las cosas que pueden haber sido decisiones fáciles ahora son un poco más complicadas y los plazos se han vuelto borrosos sobre una variedad de cosas. Una pregunta que nuestros […]

Can You List Your Home in Today’s Market?

Like many things in today’s world, as we all work together to ensure the health and well-being of Puerto Vallarta and our globe, things that may have been easy decisions are now a little more complicated and timelines have become blurry about a variety of things. One question that our clients have been emailing and […]

Adding Value to Your Home While Staying Home

This April, Puerto Vallarta homeowners, like people around the world, have been staying inside and as we get ready to roll into another month of being at home this May, keeping active and engaged is important for everyone’s emotional well-being. And while we are so lucky in Vallarta to be able to look outside our […]