Vacation Rental Travel Trends for 2022

After 2019 ground the world to a halt, the travel industry slowly began to recover in late 2020. Now, the 2021 winter tourism season in Puerto Vallarta is already booming. In fact, flight data from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport shows tourism numbers in the coming months to be trending to pre-2019 numbers.

But the past year and a half has made significant changes on how travelers are preferring to vacation and what types of accommodations they seek out. A recent article from Phocuswire Travel Media did a “temperature check” on the vacation rental industry, which was already carving out a large chunk of market share prior to 2019, to predict where travel trends will head in 2022 and beyond. A few key take-aways included:

· Vacation rentals feel “safer” to travelers. When surveyed, 73% of travel industry professionals responded that cleaning and safety remain key factors when vacationers book their stay.

· Vacations are getting longer. As more people have moved to remote workplaces, they have gained the ability to extend a getaway long weekend to a full week, or a weeklong vacation to a two-week holiday, as people are able to blend work and vacations into “workcations”.

· It’s always “high season” in desirable locations. Again, partially due to people’s increasing ability to work from anywhere with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, and because after a year and a half of staying close to home, the idea of “travel windows” has widely expanded, making destinations like Puerto Vallarta popular all year.

The ability to generate rental vacation rental income from a second home in Puerto Vallarta has never been greater, but there is a challenge for potential buyers, as the inventory level of condos for sale in the neighborhoods with the greatest appeal for tourists continues to diminish. Buyers need to move quickly when they find a property offered at a price point set to gain maximum return on investment when generating rental income, in a highly desirable location, and with great amenities.

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