Puerto Vallarta a Top Ten City for Safety

Puerto Vallarta retains its reputation as a safe city, ranking in the Top Ten Safest Cities in Mexico in a recent report from the National Urban Public Safety Survey, a position the city has held for several years.

Residents of Puerto Vallarta report high levels of confidence in the city and here are just a few reasons why.

1. A police presence for all needs. Puerto Vallarta has several different branches of policing including dedicated forces for different communities and needs. For example, the city has a Tourist Police force with English-speaking officers to aid visitors, the Pink Patrol, which is dedicated to protecting women against violence, and even a Green Patrol to help animals and the environment.

2. A friendly, welcoming community. Having been called “The Friendliest City in the World”, Puerto Vallarta takes care of its neighbors and visitors. Whether a member of the LGBTQ community, older travelers, or for family travel, Puerto Vallarta is a secure destination for everyone.

3. Excellent health care. Accidents do happen as do unexpected health issues, but Puerto Vallarta has top-of-the-line health care available through our private hospitals and highly-trained medical professionals. An appointment to see a specialist can usually be made same-day and a consultation generally runs between 30 to 40 USD, depending on the specialty. Additionally, second doses of vaccines have now been made available to the entire Puerto Vallarta community over 18 years of age.

Safety is not only something important to consider if you are thinking about buying a home in Puerto Vallarta to live full or part-time, but it is also a key factor if you are purchasing an investment property to use for vacation rental purposes. Safety is a key factor for many travelers when choosing their vacation destination and with over 1300 flights arriving in Puerto Vallarta just this September alone, our city’s reputation for safety proceeds us!

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