What to Look for In Your Investment Property

The interest in real estate investment in Puerto Vallarta has never been higher, with a fast-paced market that shows no signs of slowing down. Generally, we see three types of buyers in Puerto Vallarta:

1. Those looking to purchase an investment property to use primarily for generating vacation rental income and perhaps for personal use a few weeks of the year.

2. Those looking to purchase a winter vacation home that they may choose to rent during the months when it is not in personal use.

3. Those looking to move to Puerto Vallarta full-time.

If number 1 or 2 sounds like you, there are some specific things that you need to be looking for when purchasing an investment property in Mexico.

· Location: is the property walkable? Is it close to the beach, restaurants and other attractions? A great vacation rental property starts with a location that is attractive to visitors.

· Maintenance expenses: while a large host of resort-style amenities can make your property more appealing on the vacation rental market, those amenities can often come with higher HOA fees, which increase your monthly expenses, but they can also increase what you can charge your guests. Do your research to decide if a larger development with enhanced amenities is going to be more to your advantage than a boutique development with a smaller package of lifestyle extras.

· Check the HOA regulations: luckily for investors, most developments in Puerto Vallarta are rental-friendly, but some only allow long-term rentals of 6 months or longer, so it’s important to check. Also, check about pet-restrictions as many travelers do now look for fur-friendly options on vacation.

Two excellent developments currently on the market that offer strong rental potential are N?mada and Madero 320.  Tropicasa is also pleased to have an exclusive upcoming pre-launch offer available for Las Verandas de Amapas, where investors can register for preferred access to units prior to public release, at the lowest prices that will ever be offered by the developer. You can find more information and register here.

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