The Vallarta Food Bank Needs Your Support

After 18 challenging months supporting the Puerto Vallarta community from the beginning of the pandemic and through the waves that followed, Hurricane Nora swept across our city and created an even greater need for the Vallarta Food Bank.

As many know, in the early hours of August 29th, Hurricane Nora caused rivers to flood resulting in the damage or destruction of innumerable Puerto Vallarta businesses and homes. Many were forced to evacuate on a moments’ notice in middle of the night and those that have been able to return have found cars damaged from being fully submerged or washed away, streets left thick with layers of mud, and businesses and homes full of water or muddy debris. And tragically, as several structures were severely damaged during the storm, many local residents have been left without a home or business to which they can return.

Puerto Vallarta is a strong, proud community that comes together during times of struggle, and work is already underway to dig out and repair the damage done to the city. But while homes and businesses are being restored, the Vallarta Food Bank will be doing double-duty to make sure that all those that need a meal will have one.

Already dedicated to feeding so many families in Puerto Vallarta that were affected by lost wages in a city that’s primary economy is tourism, the Puerto Vallarta Food Bank has been and still is a much needed resource as the world still waits to return to good health. And now, more than ever, in the aftermath of Hurricane Nora, they need additional support to continue feeding Puerto Vallarta.

You can learn more about the work being done by the Vallarta Food Bank and donations by visiting

To all of our friends and clients abroad that have reached out to our Tropicasa team to check in, we thank you for your concern and report that we are safe and well. To our friends and clients locally, we know several of you have suffered some damage and we are here to offer support. And, as we have since 1997, we will be here to build community as we do our part to assist in repairing the damage from Hurricane Nora.

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