The Vallarta Food Bank Needs Your Support

After 18 challenging months supporting the Puerto Vallarta community from the beginning of the pandemic and through the waves that followed, Hurricane Nora swept across our city and created an even greater need for the Vallarta Food Bank. As many know, in the early hours of August 29th, Hurricane Nora caused rivers to flood resulting […]

Dando mantenimiento a los sistemas de suministro de agua en tu hogar

Ya estamos casi finalizando la segunda mitad de la temporada de lluvias, en la que hemos visto varias de las famosas tormentas que siempre vienen acompañadas de truenos y relámpagos ofreciéndonos un espectáculo natural nocturno de fuegos artificiales y grandes volúmenes de agua. Y gracias a toda esa agua, que pinta de verde la exuberante […]

Maintaining Your Home’s Water Systems

With our summer rainy season already almost halfway over, we’ve had several of our famous thunder and lightening storms creating natural fireworks and bringing lots of water during short bursts of late night showers. With all that water turning our surrounding jungle vegetation lush and green, we thought it was also an appropriate time to […]