Best Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Tropical Home

Tropical homeownership has changed from a “someday dream” for many who have been able to realize that goal through the increased types of inventory available on the Puerto Vallarta real estate market, from new construction to resale, and the accessibility of a variety of home financing and payment plan options. And while owning a home in Puerto Vallarta is both a lifestyle goal and solid real estate addition to your portfolio, it’s important to continue adding value to your home over the years to ensure your best return on investment. Here are some of the best upgrades to consider for your Puerto Vallarta property to see that it maintains and increases its value.

One of the most popular upgrades for modern day homeowners is adding solar panels to capitalize on our sunny weather to generate power for your home. With solar panels, many Puerto Vallarta homeowners can all but eliminate their electric bill.

A monitored security alarm system ensures peace of mind while you’re home or away for an extended period of time and is a great addition to your home to increase its value. Live monitoring with 24/7 response from companies like SEPESA in Puerto Vallarta starts around $25 USD per month (not including the cost of system installation) so it is an affordable way to take worry out of homeownership.

During the rainy season it’s especially helpful to have electric openers for garage doors and gates to avoid hassle on our occasional wet days. It never rains for long in Puerto Vallarta but when it does, the rain is hard and even a minute outside can soak right through your clothing.

An updated and well-maintained landscape not only adds value, but style to your home. Landscaping adds curb appeal and personality to your property. For condo owners, patio landscaping can also add to the look and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Simple upgrades and improvements allow you to make your home functional, comfortable, and welcoming — everything a home should be – and ensure that it is the perfect place for you, or for future potential owners, to enjoy.

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