A New Home for the New Year

After a long and challenging year for the world, most of us are happy to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror and move forward with hope and positivity for a healthier and easier 2021. As we make our New Years’ resolutions after a long year of living smaller, quieter lives, many of us are considering what’s really important, and that’s one of the reasons our agents have been busy helping potential homeowners find new properties in Puerto Vallarta in the past months.  Here are just a few reasons why American and Canadian buyers have been additionally interested in purchasing a home in Puerto Vallarta for 2021.

  • The rise of remote working. As shelter at home restrictions spread across the globe, offices including our own, moved to fully remote work and now, working from a home office has become a commonplace work situation, freeing professionals from commuting and letting them work from home, wherever that home may be. For those working remotely with Canadian or American companies, the cost of living in Puerto Vallarta while making a foreign dollar paycheck is extremely attractive. Not to mention the fantastic weather.
  • An outdoor lifestyle. The fantastic weather we mentioned is year-round in our destination and the Puerto Vallarta lifestyle is based on fresh air, outdoor activities. Whether it’s hiking through the Sierra Madre mountain trails, spending time at the beach in the ocean breeze, enjoying boating and watersports, keeping fit on the city’s running and cycling trails, or even dining in open air restaurants, the appeal of fresh air activities and an outdoor lifestyle has never been stronger.
  • Time to start living again. For many of us, 2020 felt like life was on hold while we worked together for global public health. Now that 2021 is here and we cautiously start to see a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, many people want to start moving forward with their goals and turn life dreams into actual lifestyle. And now with easy, long-term financing options available on many of our new construction projects, reaching your real estate goals has never been easier.

If you’re ready for a new home and a new tropical lifestyle for 2021, contact one of our agents today for more information on Puerto Vallarta properties, financing options and the real estate process in Mexico.

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