New Year’s Eve Mexican Traditions to Mark 2021

It feels like we have all been waiting for 2020 to draw to a close and are looking forward to a fresh new start in 2021. And while we will be having small New Year’s Eve celebrations at home this year to do our part to keep our community healthy, there has never been a better time to add some Mexican New Year’s Eve traditions to the countdown because they are full of auspicious predictions for the year to come.

  • 12 Grapes

A very commonly practiced tradition in Mexico, add a plate of 12 grapes for each person to your New Year’s Eve table. Eat a grape to represent each coming month of 2021 with each clock bell strike at midnight. Each sweet grape predicts that the corresponding month will be full of happiness and prosperity.

  • Colorful Lingerie

Think carefully before you get dressed on December 31, because what is under your clothes can change your fortunes in 2021! Wear red for love, yellow for prosperity, green for luck or white for peace and harmony.

  • Suitcases

While 2020 wasn’t the year for traveling, you can increase your jet-setting chances by walking around the block with an empty suitcase at midnight, which Mexican tradition says will promise a year full of travel and adventure.

  • Tidy Up

Like the song suggests washing an ex right out of your hair, you can wash 2020 right out of your house by sweeping the floors at midnight or tossing water off the patio, so that your house is clean and ready for a fresh new year.

While 2020 has been a challenging year around the world, we approach 2021 with a positive outlook and wish our friends, family, and clients a warm, wonderful and quiet celebration this New Year’s Eve and health and success in 2021. Happy Year from Tropicasa Realty.

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