Living Nŏmada: Welcome to the Neighborhood

The Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone is one of the most desirable locations in all of Puerto Vallarta for many reasons, but for homeowners at Nŏmada, your address is an integral part of living because the boutique habitat concept is truly centered around being a connected part of the local community.

Nŏmada was conceived as a sustainable residence, not only in its use of locally sourced, eco-friendly design and materials, but also to encourage residents to engage in Puerto Vallarta culture and lifestyle in an authentic manner. Whether Nŏmada is your full-time residence or a secondary vacation home, the central ideology of Nŏmada living is to participate in all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

Within walking distance, residents can engage in local economy in a meaningful way, from doing their weekly shopping at the Old Town Farmers’ Market to purchase freshly harvested ingredients and products from regional vendors, to supporting local restaurants and shopping at unique artisan boutiques. From taco stands to fine dining, you will quickly become a “local”, where everybody knows your name, you know theirs, and greetings come with a sincere, welcoming smile.

It is a walkable neighborhood, with a full array of art galleries, live entertainment venues, restaurants, beach clubs, stores, and spas all just a stroll away. Like any city, Puerto Vallarta is best explored and discovered on foot, but with our beautiful Pacific Ocean beckoning just a few blocks away, you can also venture out by sea simply by hailing a water taxi from Los Muertos Beach or the Los Muertos Pier and spend your days snorkeling, lazing on secluded beaches only accessible by water, or stopping to eat freshly caught seafood from family-owned seaside restaurants.

The Nŏmada concept is centered on community, not only with homeowners in the residence, but to encourage community connection and a sense of belonging. And now, with easy developer financing options available, the Nŏmada lifestyle is more accessible than ever before. Contact one of our agents to learn more about making our home, your home.

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