Tourtière: A Canadian Holiday Tradition Made in Mexico

While we are having a smaller, cozier holiday season to support keeping Puerto Vallarta healthy, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t just as festive this year as in the past. Several of our agents are excellent cooks, including our own Roger Dubois, who originally hails from Quebec, Canada, who has kept a French-Canadian culinary tradition going strong during his many years living in Puerto Vallarta, by baking tourtière during the holiday season.

Tourtière is a savory baked meat pie that is served around holiday tables in French-speaking parts of Canada, and Roger brings that part of his Canadian heritage here to his life in Puerto Vallarta. Now, we would very much like to share Roger’s exact recipe, but unfortunately, Roger and his sisters – who in other years have visited to assist in the baking – have claimed that their recipe is a family secret, in the way that good cooks often do. However, we have found 12 different recipes from which to choose so you can make this holiday treat in your Puerto Vallarta kitchen, and we’ll let Roger be the judge of how close we came to discovering his secret recipe!

While the holidays this year will be a little different, holiday traditions can always carry on, and one of the nicest things about owning a home in Puerto Vallarta and living in Mexico full or part-time, is infusing customs from home with the holiday traditions of Mexico. It’s part of the wonderful diversity that makes Puerto Vallarta such a special and welcoming place to call home. If your goal for 2021 is to make a piece of Puerto Vallarta your own, please contact one of our real estate agents, who will be happy to assist you in English, Spanish or French, and help put you on the path to making Mexico feel like home.

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