From Here to Home: Celebrating the Holidays Virtually from Vallarta

December is here and many of our winter residents have arrived or will be on their way shortly to enjoy their winter property in Puerto Vallarta. Many of our client homeowners and friends have changed their seasonal holiday plans for this year and will not be hosting family from Canada or the USA in their Puerto Vallarta homes for health precautions. At Tropicasa Realty, we also will be forgoing our traditional holiday party this year to do our part in keeping our community safe and healthy. But as 2020 has taught us, being apart doesn’t mean you can’t still be connected with those you love, especially in the digital age! If you will be hosting virtual holiday parties from Puerto Vallarta with friends and family back home, we have a few tips to keep things merry and bright.

  • Create the mood. Ask that everyone set their screens in front of their home holiday decorations so set the stage.
  • Have a dress code. Sparkly cocktail attire? Ugly holiday sweaters? Everyone’s coziest pajamas? Having everyone dress for the party helps create connection.
  • Eat, drink and be merry. You can send a recipe for a special family dish or signature cocktail to have everyone enjoying the same menu during your party or ask friends and family to prepare something “potluck” for the celebration and then share what they made and recipes.
  • Have some entertainment. Take the traditional “family talent show” virtual. Is one of your party-goers musical? Have them play a song. Maybe pen a funny seasonal poem to recite or have the kids put on a little presentation. You’ll be amazed at how creative your friends and family can be.
  • Play some games. Here are some great suggestions for fun games that can liven up your online party, appropriate for different ages and preferences.

Although we won’t be celebrating the way that we have in other years, this holiday season will still be full of connection with friends and family, merriment, and hope. And, if you’re celebrating it from your second home in Puerto Vallarta, the gorgeous sunny weather helps put anyone into some seasonal good cheer!

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