Making Friends in Puerto Vallarta

Having friendships and being connected to your community is part of living well in any city, but it is especially important and easy to achieve in Puerto Vallarta. In the latest from our series, Living Well Begins Here, we are talking about some of the simple ways to get social and make friends in your new home.

A good way to get started is online. There are several Facebook groups that use English as their main language that are dedicated to helping people learn about Vallarta and are tailored to different interests. One that you may want to check out include:

Young Professionals Organization Puerto Vallarta

There are also several groups on Facebook where people come together in to work on charitable endeavors while enjoying group activities, events, and interests. Some of these include:

International Friendship Club Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Garden Club

SETAC LGBTQ Community Centre

For classes and workshops to explore the arts, yoga, martial arts, dance and more, try:

Los Mangos Library

Cuale Cultural Centre

And for learning more about what is happening around town at restaurants, lounges, entertainment venues and charitable events, keep up to date with local English language news sources:

PV Mirror

Banderas News

PV Scene

But the easiest way to make friends is just to be open and say hello with a smile. Learning some Spanish along the way is also important and will open up your confidence in making new friends with your Mexican neighbors, who will likely speak a little (if not more English) but who will always appreciate the effort.

Puerto Vallarta is always buzzing with social events and charity functions, for an active social life. It is just another reason why living well begins here.

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