Buying an Investment Property in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re like a lot of people, having real estate assets in your investment portfolio is likely part of your financial goals. Adding Puerto Vallarta real estate into your investment planning makes a lot of sense both economically and as a lifestyle option, here are just a few reasons why:

  • Enjoyment. A second home in Puerto Vallarta can generate income as a short-term rental property but you can also block off time to enjoy it as a vacation home for personal or family use.
  • Easy Management. You don’t need to be in Puerto Vallarta to generate rental income from a property here. There are several reputable local property management services that can take care of everything including renting your property, assisting guests, maintenance issues and paying bills and taxes.
  • A Strong Real Estate Market and Tourism Industry. Even with the challenges of 2020, the real estate market in Vallarta continues to show strength and, in a recent poll by Virtuoso, Puerto Vallarta was named one of the Top Ten Travel Destinations to which visitors were planning to return. An added bonus? A very advantageous exchange rate on US and Canadian dollars to Mexican pesos make both buying and visiting Puerto Vallarta attractive.

Since 1997, the professional agents at Tropicasa Realty have been helping people reach their real estate goals in Puerto Vallarta and can help you find the properties that have the best locations and amenities to maximize rental potential and return on investment. We also have attorneys and trusted advisors to answer all of your practical questions about how owning a property in Puerto Vallarta will fit into your overall financial picture. Contact us today to start building towards your future by investing in Puerto Vallarta real estate. Living well starts here.

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