DIY Tips to Ready Your Home for Summer

Spring 2020 has come with some challenges, but in Puerto Vallarta, the weather is not one of them! This year, April, and May, generally the months where our weather starts getting warmer and the humidity index starts to rise as we move into the summer season, have felt notably cooler than in past years. The lovely temperatures and spring breezes have made staying home and enjoying time on our own terraces and patios much more enjoyable.

But our rainy season is just around the corner, usually running from about July to October. Our rainstorms are generally short and roll in during the evening or early morning but are impressive with the amount of water they bring and the brilliant shows of lightening that light up across Banderas Bay.

While we are still staying at home as much as possible to help keep good health in our community, it is a perfect time to take on a few DIY projects to keep your home healthy during the rainy season.

  • Seal the metalwork in your home with a protective coating. The metal bars on your doors and windows can leave rust stains on the exterior of your home during the rainy season if they are not protected. Now is a great time to go over them with fresh paint (if needed) and a coat of sealant to keep oxidization at bay.
  • Clean the exterior drains on your terrace, patio, or parking area. The drains around your home are essential to ensure you do not have any issue with flooding during the rainy season, so check yours to verify that they are free of trash, leaves or other debris.
  • Climb up and clean the ceiling fan blades. This task is often overlooked during everyone’s normal cleaning routines and the blades will not only pick up a lot of dust which can cause homeowners to suffer from sneezing or congestion, but the weight of the dust also lessens the efficiency of the ceiling fans.
  • Change the window wipers on your vehicle. While not a home maintenance project, per se, you will be happy to have proactively changed your window wipers rather than discover, while driving during a rainstorm, that they need to be replaced.

For many, the rainy season is their favorite in Puerto Vallarta, with the amazing lightening displays and the rains making our Sierra Madre jungle lush and green. And now, while we still have a little extra time on our hands, this is an ideal time to put in some easy upkeep to help protect your real estate investment.

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