Where to Find Reliable Puerto Vallarta Online Information

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For people who have recently made the move to living full or part-time in Puerto Vallarta, finding trusted information can be a challenge, particularly if you are still in the process of learning to speak Spanish. The internet is an amazing wealth of information but can also be the source of falsehoods, so we’ve put together a list of trusted places to look online to stay up to date in Puerto Vallarta.

Seapal Vallarta has a Facebook page that gives updates about upcoming changes to water service as they do maintenance and upkeep around the city. If your water isn’t working, do a quick check for a service advisory on their social media. Still have questions? Send them a message via Facebook and they will respond generally in just an hour or two. For electricity, you can follow CFE Nacional on social media to get updates about current initiatives, changes to service and other helpful information.

The Gobierno de Puerto Vallarta (the municipality) will keep you current with their frequently updated Facebook page and does an excellent job of posting infographics and short videos that are easy to understand, even if you are still working on your Spanish. Also the Secretaria de Salud (Ministry of Health) website is full of helpful information, also posted with graphics and videos for easy understanding.

Of course, in the Banderas Bay area, we have both an American and Canadian consulate. The American Consulate is in Paradise Plaza shopping center in Nuevo Vallarta and the Canadian Consulate is found in Plaza Peninsula in the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone.

You can find online news in English, as well. Banderas News is a good site for local interest stories happening around the Banderas Bay region, and for national news, El Universal is a credible news source in English.

Knowing how and where to find reliable, trustworthy information on the internet makes the transition to living in Puerto Vallarta easier. And if you would like to find out more information about properties for sale in Puerto Vallarta or for other real estate questions, we invite you to use our Live Chat feature here on our website to talk in real time with an agent.

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