Tropicasa Realty Brings Exceptional Limited Time Value to Local Real Estate

Urban II                                 Nŏmada

As the USD continues to break records against the Mexican Peso, Tropicasa Realty has worked with two of Puerto Vallarta’s most reputable developers to create exceptional opportunities for real estate investment through limited time fixed MXN exchange rate offers.

The highly successful Urban II development on Carranza is offering fixed Mexican Peso pricing at 20.50 and Nŏmada, Puerto Vallarta’s most exciting new residential development located in the heart of the Romantic Zone, is offering 20.00 fixed MXN exchange rates on the next few units sold. Compared to the current 24.00 exchange rate, that’s another 20% discount being provided by the Mexican Peso. This is a STRICTLY limited time offer and subject to cancellation at any time by the developers, so now is the time to act to get the best exchange rate deal possible, with Canadian Dollar buyers also seeing significant benefit. And these fixed exchange rates are in addition to standard developer discounts, making this a truly exceptional time to invest.

At Tropicasa Realty, we are working with our sellers to innovatively promote quality properties while providing outstanding return on investment for our buyer clients. With these exclusive limited time offers you can have a portion of your purchase paid via exchange rate savings and see an immediate increase on the value of your new property at time of closing.

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