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Overall Market Condition

Global health concerns have finally reached Mexico and we, as a country and as a company and your agents, are preparing for the stages of social, business and governmental changes that will likely come.   Puerto Vallarta, being in the State of Jalisco, appears to be taking the lead from major international players in how they are attempting to stem the spread of infection.  Bars, casinos, event venues and clubs have now been closed, restaurants are only able to operate at 25% capacity and movie theaters at a maximum of 50%.  In addition, large-scale events are either being postponed or cancelled and the authorities are recommending social distancing and not to congregate in large crowds.  Clearly, the disease has been imported to all regions of the globe, and the best efforts to curb further spread are being initiated.

Our foreign market that does not reside here has been in the process of leaving to their home countries for the past week or so.  This is less about the concern of being compromised here and more about the ability to be able to return, given the travel restrictions in one form or another imposed by most countries.  This has and will impact travel to our destination for the immediate future, as visitors returning home could be subjected to quarantine measures.  Until some sense of normalcy is brought to this condition, we expect physical traffic flow will diminish substantially from the international audience.

At this point, there are no travel restrictions on the national population.  Therefore, we do expect to still have traffic flow, albeit less.  In fact, as of this writing, we still have multiple showings and offers taking place.  So, while there will be an effect, the it is clear that the majority still see this as it is – a temporary situation that we all must work through.  But the dreams and desires to have a piece of paradise in Puerto Vallarta continue to drive the decisions of the clientele. 

Office Procedures

As a company, we have already taken certain restrictive health and safety actions.  Anybody ill or in contact with an ill person (no matter what the cause) or compromised with an unrelated illness, are not to be in the office.  This has been in place for nearly two weeks now.  We are grateful that other than the usual random ailment, our team is in perfectly good health!  Further actions will be taken as of this next week to keep that standard, including the temporary closing of the physical office, to minimize contact, as well as temporary suspension of live agent duty at the office or any mobile/site location we may have.  However, our website, www.tropicasa.com, has a Chat feature, so you will be able to connect with an online agent during normal business hours.  All staff will have the capacity to work remotely from a virtual office environment created specifically for this purpose at this time.  All agents, assistants and staff will be conducting business and will be available during regular business hours, just as usual.  You may contact your agent or their staff through their cell phones or via email (or other communication established by you and them) regarding any available property or transaction in process.

Transactions currently in process, will remain in process, as long as government authorities, Notaries, and all other ancillary businesses that the process relies upon, remain open.  Be prepared that there could be delays.  The notaries and the banks, especially, are working hard to keep up with the POA requests, as well as their regular duties in a transaction, and are beginning to operate their offices in shifts, only operating on scheduled appointments, etc.  We ask for your patience in this process.  We and all of our associates are working as quickly and diligently to help you get your transactions closed on time, or as close thereto as possible.  It is important to note that during this whole episode, all buyers and sellers are proceeding with their purchase/sale plans.  Again, they clearly see the temporary nature of this situation and once it is over, they will be able to enjoy their new home in Puerto Vallarta.


Moving through and forward from this situation, Tropicasa will be taking additional steps to modify our marketing practices to continue to offer promotion of listings as well as the ability to work with buyers under best practices methods.  While showings will either be extremely limited or temporarily cease if we have governmental circulation restrictions, agents will be able to direct their buyers to prerecorded 3D video walk-throughs when available (many of our listings have this feature currently through our website) so that the buyers can “preview” a property online in the comfort of their home.  If they wish to set up a live showing, then we can coordinate that if/when available.  If 3D walk-throughs are not currently available on a property, listing agents can be requested to take a brief video for their clients as previews, if health safety is not a concern.  Tropicasa is currently also looking at shifting some of our print marketing to more of a digital platform.  This is a corporate goal, but it has become even more important today.  And much of that shift will take place in the short-term to the national market, as they will likely have more free circulation for the time being.  This allows us to continue to promote our listings to a viable marketplace, while keeping the international clientele engaged as well. 

For as long as I can remember, we have been able to conduct business here digitally – what a blessing.  It has well-prepared us for this type of an event in that we can still prepare listings, receive and submit offers, work through a full closing of a transaction and actually close on a property through digital and overnight courier methods.  We will continue to take full advantage of these opportunities in order to assist both buyers in navigating this course and accomplishing their goals.  Tropicasa will also be working very closely with its agents in relation to marketing strategies and programs to be able to maximize the time available.  We take this matter very seriously and realize that we will have to work even harder for both buyers and sellers at this time.  Of course, when the market rebounds, somebody may need to give us a day or two off. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your continued faith and trust in us, as we have worked hard to earn your respect.  And we are most grateful for it. We wish everyone health and wellness in this global time of concern.

Tropicasa Realty – Building Community in Puerto Vallarta Since 1997.

Wayne Franklin                        Maria O’Connor
President, Broker                     Corporate Counsel

And the Team from Tropicasa Realty

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