Tropical Terrace Flowers that Thrive

If you have a condominium in Puerto Vallarta, then you know that part of the appeal of being a Puerto Vallarta homeowner is our indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Most condos in Puerto Vallarta have terraces that are designed to integrate your indoor living with your outdoor living and the terrace of your condo will probably be one of the areas in which you spend the greatest amount of time.

With your terrace being one of the most utilized spaces in your Puerto Vallarta home, it’s nice to make the most of that space and tropical plants can transform even a small terrace into your own little paradise. Here are some varieties that do very well in our Puerto Vallarta climate.

  • Called “Jamaica” in Spanish not only are the flowers beautiful to look at, they are also dried and brewed into one of Mexico’s most popular drinks – Jamaica water.
  • These gorgeous potted plants produce a large, cup-shaped orange flower and love bright light and warm sunshine. One warning, be sure to pull your bromeliad inside during rainy season storm as they don’t enjoy being overwatered.
  • Angel’s Trumpet. With lovely trumpet-shaped, delicate blooms, this flowering plant will bring charm to any Puerto Vallarta home. But caution if you have pets – Angel’s Trumpet is poisonous when ingested.

Many Puerto Vallarta homeowners like to use their terraces as mini gardens and tomato plants and herbs like basil, cilantro and parsley all grow very well in our climate and lend themselves well to our climate – as well as to your dinner table.

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