Selling Your Home Over the Holidays   



If you are considering listing your Puerto Vallarta property for sale in December, there are some pros and cons to discuss with your local Vallarta real estate agent. Here are some starting points for the conversation about selling your Puerto Vallarta home or condo over the holiday season.


  • Having your home ready to show through December means setting limits on holiday hosting. If you are putting your house on the market in Puerto Vallarta over the holiday season, plan to be a party guest not a party host this year.
  • It is difficult to close a sale in December due to the holidays, when notaries, banks and mortgage brokers on both sides of the border will be having vacation time. Sale contracts inked in December will have a longer closing period to account for the holidays.


  • There will be less resale inventory on the market in December as future potential sellers are using their properties as vacation rentals during busiest weeks or the year or for private use. Less inventory means that your property becomes more attractive on the market.
  • Again, as it is high season, there are more potential buyers in town, falling in love with our city and the idea of owning a vacation property in Puerto Vallarta.

Another important tip for selling your home over the holidays is to scale down the seasonal decorations and let your home shine for its location, view, amenities and architecture.

Contact our expert Puerto Vallarta real estate agents too see if December is the right time to list your home on real estate market and click here for more Puerto Vallarta real estate and lifestyle tips from Tropicasa Realty.