Cooking American Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

If you are thinking about celebrating Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta – and who wouldn’t want to give thanks for being in such a beautiful location for the holidays? – there are lots of options for serving a Thanksgiving feast in your own Puerto Vallarta home or condo. Whether you are a home cook or would like to take an easier way, we have some suggestions.

For Home Cooks

If you own a property in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Los Mercados located on Aquiles Serdan 265 is a great one-stop-stop for everything you need for a Thanksgiving feast including a grocery shop, deli, bakery and wine shop. And for those living in other places, like if you have a property in Bucerias or Nuevo Vallarta, Fluvial, Marina Vallarta or the Hotel Zone, La Comer Fluvial and La Comer Nuevo Vallarta have a fantastic selection of local and imported products to recreate the perfect traditional Thanksgiving meals.

For Sort of Home Cooks

We promise we won’t tell a soul, but Costco offers pre-roasted turkey breasts, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and even pumpkin pie. Just heat and switch to your own dishes and nobody needs to know!

For Not At All Home Cooks

For those with a home or condo in Marina Vallarta, The Marriott offers to-go Thanksgiving dinners for $3245 pesos for a 10-person meal of turkey, sides, complements and dessert. Pre-order by calling 226 0017. Orders must be placed in advance and are limited.

Happy Thanksgiving from Tropicasa Realty!

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