Now you’re cooking with gas

Many who are looking to buy a home or condo in Puerto Vallarta are surprised to see how prevalent gas stovetops and ovens are in our destination. Most homes and condos for sale in the Banderas Bay area will come with a gas stovetop in the kitchen, and for some buyers who are accustomed to electric, it can be a small culinary adjustment. But here are just a few reasons why you will learn to love your gas stovetop and oven in short order.

  • Like in a professional kitchen, you will find that your home kitchen stovetop provides heat control that is immediately responsive with just a turn of the dial, making cooking more precise and decreasing wait times for pans to heat up or cool down.
  • Even heat. The gas flame is central, meaning that it heats the bottom of your pots and pans evenly, without any cool spots.
  • The power may go out, but your dinner is still hot. During rainy season or electrical maintenance periods when your power may go out temporarily, you can still have a nice, hot dinner in your condo or house, cooking on your gas range.
  • Savings on your utility bills. The cost of gas is much less than electricity in Puerto Vallarta, meaning you can save your pesos for some of your favorite epicurean ingredients rather than spending them on the power bill.

Our professional Puerto Vallarta real estate agents here at Tropicasa that are home cooks all much prefer their gas ranges to electric cooktops and our homeowners are usually very pleased to make the change, also.

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