Moving with your pet to Puerto Vallarta

Moving with your pet to Puerto Vallarta

Our city is well-known for being very pet-friendly and for those buying a property in Puerto Vallarta, knowing how to travel with your pet is important. Visiting or moving to Mexico with your pet isn’t a difficult process if you take the time to prepare the necessary documentation to present to the Mexican Agricultural Office (SAGARPA) upon your arrival at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Here is a current list of requirements you will need for traveling with a pet to Puerto Vallarta:

  • A VS Form 7001 Certificate of Health from a licensed veterinarian (note: be sure that all dates, locations and other words are spelled out in full and not abbreviated, for example, “January” not “Jan”, and that the document is printed, not hand-written). Or, in lieu of a VS 7001, you can also use an accredited veterinarian letter which must be printed on letterhead and not deviate from the template. You can find links to both the 7001 and the letter template here, and in either case, the document must be signed and dated by the veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to your travel date.
  • Proof that your pet has had rabies vaccination, including the date of the vaccination.
  • Dated evidence that within the past 6 months, your pet has been treated to prevent parasites and is parasite-free. You will be asked to provide the name of the specific products which were used.

If you arrive and discover that something is missing or incomplete with your pet’s documentation, SAGARPA can bring a vet to the airport to inspect your pet and get the certifications in order. But with just a little preparation, you can easily avoid the expense and waiting time by having your pet’s papers all in order, ready to start enjoying living in Mexico.

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