New Year’s Eve with Bubble and Shine

If you own a home in Puerto Vallarta, you will likely be getting ready to celebrate the start of 2019 with some holiday entertaining. If you are looking for the best places to buy Champagne in Puerto Vallarta for your New Year’s toasts, here are our recommendations for best wine shops in Vallarta in every […]

Time to Save on Your Vallarta Property Taxes

One of the benefits of owning a home or condo in Puerto Vallarta is how low property taxes are on Mexican real estate investments. Called “Predial”, the rate of local property taxes in Mexico depends on the location of the property and it’s accessed value, however, if you purchase a home in Puerto Vallarta for […]

Dining in Mexico:  Chiles en Nogada

While a turkey dinner with all the trimmings is what many foreigners who buy a house in Puerto Vallarta consider a seasonal holiday dinner, traditional Mexican Christmas foods should certainly not be missed, and a festive favorite is Chiles en Nogada. Food is very much a part of Christmas celebrations in Puerto Vallarta and Chiles […]

December Pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta

The Christmas season in Puerto Vallarta is full of magic and cultural tradition, including the annual December pilgrimages down our cobblestone streets in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A tradition since 1921 in our city, this is a pinnacle point of holiday celebrations each year. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a revered figure in […]