Trick or Treating in Puerto Vallarta

Trick or Treating in Puerto Vallarta

Participating in the beautiful traditions of Mexico is part of what makes living in Puerto Vallarta so enjoyable for foreigners, but with a large expat community, local Vallartenses have also adopted some Canadian and American traditions, in sort of a symbiotic cultural exchange. In fact, Puerto Vallarta, is one of the few cities in Mexico where the tradition of trick-or-treating happens on Halloween.

Although Halloween and Dia de Muertos fall close to the same time, they are very different. Dia de Muertos is a sacred tradition to honor loved ones who have passed on and though you will see the calaveras and catrinas, they have nothing to do with the ghosts and goblins of Halloween. However, in Mexico, Halloween parties and costumes have been adopted as a fun part of childhood, but here in Vallarta, children also trick or treat.

Foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta missed having little-costumed visitors arriving at their doorstep and instead, began meeting up to sit at restaurant terraces with friends and pass out candy to wee ones passing by. This became an annual tradition and now the restaurant terraces on Olas Altas are ground zero for trick-or-treating, as well as the Puerto Vallarta Malecon and the Marina Vallarta Malecon. In fact, in some larger gated single-family home communities in Puerto Vallarta, HOAs have even organized door-to-door trick-or-treating and community Halloween parties.

Trick-or-treating… a fun part of cultures meeting in Puerto Vallarta.

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