Investing in Your Retirement Lifestyle

Any savvy young person knows that starting retirement savings early is prudent. Savings plans like RRSPs or 401Ks and pensions plans are part of any balanced retirement portfolio, and millennials are taught the importance of diversified funds and compound interest. But while we teach the younger generation to invest in their retirement savings, should we be teaching them to invest in their retirement lifestyle as well?

Retirement is about more than just attaining financial freedom from work. It’s about achieving and living a retirement lifestyle which has many more factors than just income alone. Which is why for people who dream of retiring in a destination like Puerto Vallarta, with its sunny climate, warm people, excellent health care and other advantages, purchasing a retirement property in their 20s or 30s is sound retirement planning.

Investing in a Puerto Vallarta retirement property early rather than at retirement age, means that you do not need to take a large sum from your retirement savings capital or secure financing late in life. In fact, with such strong demand for vacation rental properties in Puerto Vallarta, a younger person can easily off-set the monthly costs of property ownership through short or long-term rentals, meaning that come retirement, your retirement home will already be yours, no mortgage payments necessary.

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