The Unsung Heros of Puerto Vallarta

It may seem like a humble job, but during and after the busy Semana Santa holiday period, Puerto Vallarta garbage collectors are the unsung heros of our city, restoring order, beauty and cleanliness to our city.

Puerto Vallarta is at full capacity during the Easter holidays, with national and foreign visitors filling the beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and stores of our city.  While these visitors bring much welcomed tourism dollars and pesos into our local economy, they also bring with them a lot of trash that can collect on our streets and beaches.

Our hardworking Puerto Vallarta sanitation workers toil late into the night on non-automated trucks, manually heaving load after load, bag after bag and box after box of trash high up into the back of the garbage truck.  As they make their way through the city, down the narrow streets of Old Town Puerto Vallarta, traffic often impatiently backs up behind them, but they continue, not leaving behind a single bag to sully our streets the next morning.

It is a difficult, dirty job that doesn’t afford these men a high rate of pay, but there they are, making our city beautiful. We ask that our visitors and those living in Puerto Vallarta to remember these hard-working men and help them by making sure that garbage is disposed of correctly, never leaving trash behind on the Puerto Vallarta beaches and picking up anything carelessly left behind by others. When we support our Puerto Vallarta garbage men, we support our beautiful city, so the next time you see the garbage truck pass by, wave and say “gracias” to show your appreciation for our unsung heros.


  1. I sure wish the government would start a recycling program by charging for deposits on bottles, cans etc. And then refunding on returns. That way even tourism dollars contribute to the economy as they are huge consumers of disposables. The streets would be clean and no waste.

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